Tuscarawas County offers active parenting classes for all ages

OSU Extension in Tuscarawas County offers Parenting classes utilizing the Active Parenting curriculum. This curriculum is designed to introduce you to tools that may help you raise responsible, confident children and to navigate through issues that many parents struggle with.

Click here to view Active Parenting Flyer Fall/Winter 2021 to view and/or print the Tuscarawas County Virtual Program schedule.

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BLAST OFF!  First 5 years.  Launch your PARENTING to new heights. - Click Here

Blast Off First Five YearsBlast Off is a program offered by OSU Extension. This is a 4-session virtual workshop that utilizes Active Parenting, First Five Years curriculum. It is designed for parents with children through the age of 5.

School Age  Active Parenting 4th Edition - Click Here

School AgeThis 4-session workshop offered by OSU Extension focuses on helping parents raise responsible children utilizing Active Parenting 4th Edition curriculum. It is designed for parents with children 5-12 years of age. Registration fee is $30 with the potential to earn a $25 gift card.

Teen Years  Active Parenting for Teens - Click Here

Teen YearsThis 4-session workshop offered by OSU Extension utilizes Active Parenting for Teens curriculum. It is perfect for parents of tweens and teens, providing tools for parents to help navigate through the teen years. Registration fee is $30 with the potential to earn a $25 gift card.

Successful Co-Parenting

Successful Co-ParentingSuccessful Co-Parenting is an educational program that helps parents minimize the negative effects of separation and divorce on children as they adjust to the process of parenting together while living apart. At this time we do not have any sessions planned for this class. Please check back frequently for updated information.