Cooking with Chris

The Tuscarawas County Family and Consumer Science Educator, Chris Kendle offers a variety of classes on nutrition and healthy eating.  Over the past year, she has created many videos allowing her to join you in the comfort of your own homes to teach you how to cook wonderful recipes for you and your family.  Chris enjoys teaching you how to eat healthy while utilizing kitchen equipment such as your Instant Pot and Cast Iron Skillets.  

Sessions are divided by categories below.  Just click on the image/link to take you to the videos and recipes related to that topic.

Healthy Eating 

Healthy Eating Series Cooking with Chris These recipes are full of flavor and simple to make.  You will have many of the ingredients needed already in   your cupboard!  

Instant Pot Series

Instant Pot Series Cooking with Chris Using a new appliance can be overwhelming in the beginning.  These sessions will help you get comfortable   using your Instant Pot in a variety of ways while providing some recipes that your family will love. 

Cast Iron Cooking Series

Cast Iron Series Cooking with Chris Meals cooked in cast iron are full of flavor but many people shy away from using that pan or dutch oven that   is in the back of your cupboard.  These sessions will help you gain confidence in cooking in cast iron while   providing you with some delicious recipes.