Kids in the Kitchen "FIESTA Edition"

Welcome to the "Fiesta Edition" of Kids in the Kitchen! Following is a virtual celebration of youth and adults working together to encourage youth to become comfortable in the kitchen. Below you will find a series of videos and recipes. This virtual series will allow you to enjoy preparing, cooking, and serving several fun and delicious recipes while developing those essential cooking life skills.

Each video is accompanied by the recipe. Please view the recipe first so that you can gather the necessary ingredients and supplies needed to "cook" along with Chris Kendle (Family and Consumer Science Educator) and her family.  

Please note that an adult should be present and assisting youth while preparing and cooking the recipes due to the use of sharp knives and hot surfaces.

Tuscarawas County OSU Extension Presents:  Kids in the Kitchen, FIESTA Edition with Chris Kendle, FCS Educator

Welcome and Introduction to Kids in the Kitchen April 2020.  

Introduction Video to Kids in the Kitchen  Welcome            Video


Fruit Salsa 
This recipe contains a variety of fruit, is refreshing and sweet without added sugar. Youth will practice their cutting and mixing skills with this recipe. 

Fruit Salsa VideoFruit Salsa  Video 

Recipe for Fruit Salsa Click here for recipe


Cinnamon Chips
These chips accompany the fruit salsa and add just enough crunch and spice to enhance the fruit. Youth will practice their cutting skills and will utilize the oven.

Cinnamon Chips VideoCinnamon Chips Video 

Recipe for Cinnamon Chips Cinnamon Chips Recipe


Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas
This quick recipe is delicious, fun to make and is a healthy lunch or dinner. Youth practice measuring, mixing and cutting skills as well as utilizing the oven.

Chicken Quesadilla VideoChicken and Cheese Quesadillas Video


Recipe for Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas Click here for recipe


Veggie Pita
This recipe offers lots of choices and variety. You add the veggies that are liked by your family members. Youth will practice making choices and their cutting skills.

Veggie Pita VideoVeggie Pita Video 

Recipe for Veggie Pita Click here for recipe


S'mores Bars
What a great recipe to wrap up our program! Everyone loves Smores! Youth will practice measuring and mixing skills as well as utilizing the microwave and the oven.

S'mores Bars VideoS'mores Bars Video

Recipe for S'mores Bars click here for recipe