Project Completion and State Fair Requirements

What are the county guidelines for my project? What do I need to exhibit at the county fair? Is my project eligible for State Fair? What are the State Fair requirements for this project? Where can I find more information?

Right here! The Project Completion and State Fair Requirements lists all Miscellaneous, FCS, and FCS Related project guidelines, project Skill Level, county fair exhibit requirements, and their eligibility for State Fair and what is required. The chart is broken down by project area (About 4-H, Companion Animals, Food and Nutrition, etc.) then numerically by project number. All members need to access these requirements for their project(s). Due to the size, it will not be provided for each project book. Members/Parents can access the chart by clicking on the link. Additional information for these project areas are listed below.

Why are we no longer printing project guidelines for each book?

Project guidelines have been compiled into one very large document that includes our county guidelines as well as the guidelines to compete at State Fair. Having all the information you need in one place will help lessen the confusion and questions that often come when children qualify for State Fair. You know from the very beginning of the project what the requirements for State are, and if your child has a goal of competing at that level, you can prepare.

We at Extension are working hard to reduce waste and conserve costs. We view online documents routinely and 4-H documents are no different.

Each and every 4-H'er has an in-school email that is utilized consistently and communication in this fashion is the norm. We feel that if you can locate, view, and print/save documetns for school, you can also do this with 4-H documents.

Click on the Animal Sciences Projects link, below, for guidelines in these project areas.

Miscellaneous Projects FCS and Related Projects Animal Sciences Projects
Miscellaneous Clothing Beef
Shooting Sports FCS Related Dairy
  Food and Nutrition Swine

County 4-H Projects Overview

Please carefully read the information provided in the overview as it may answer most Interview Judging or county fair questions.

Advisors have this information in the Tuscarawas County 4-H Member and Volunteer Handbook. All members should receive this information. It lists information pertaining to Project Completion and Interview Judging, State Fair eligibility, and limited county fair requirements as well as premium requirements. Click here for the 2021 Overview.


Please contact Kiersten Heckel if you have any questions regarding these projects or guidelines.

Dog Projects

  • #201R Dog Resource Handbook - (From the State 4-H Office) Updates to this book have been added to our Books/Resource page under Publication Updates. There are two versions: 2016 edition and 2018 edition. Members can download one pdf with all the changes depending on which edition they own. Changes were made in these chapters: Breeds, Grooming, Communication and Behavior, Obedience, Judging, Showmanship, and Working Dogs.
  • #200 All About Dogs (included in the Project Completion and Fair Requirements chart)
  • #201D You and Your Dog
  • #201O Obedience, #201S Showmanship
  • #202 Dog Achievement Program

Self-Determined Projects

These topic areas correspond to self-determined fair classes throughout the state fair.

  • 365.00 General (Self-Determined Day)
  • 365.01 Companion Animal (Companion Animal Day)
  • 365.02 Creative Arts (Creative Arts Day)
  • 365.03 Family Life (Family Life Day)
  • 365.04 Natural Resources (Natural Resources Day II)
  • 365.05 Quilt (Quilt Day)
  • 365.06 Workforce Prep (Workforce Prep Day)

To see which category your project falls under, visit the Self-Determined page at

Resources for self-determined projects:

  • Self-Determined Project Plan - Due no later than June 1. This plan is included as part of your project Interview Judging score. Failure to return this form by the due date will result in deducted points. (Form is a fillable pdf. For Firefox users: You may be prompted by your browser to open with a different viewer. For Google users: Download document to complete; submit button will not work -complete and save, then attach to an email.)
  • Thinking Verbs List
  • Self-Determined Project Question Ideas - Examples of questions that may or may not be asked during Interview Judging. These examples are to help you with your project knowledge as you prepear for Interview Judging.
  • Self-Determined Score Sheet

Shooting Sports

This leader-directed program is taught only by certified volunteers to 4-H members ages 9 and above as of January 1 of the current year. Click here for more information on the Ohio 4-H Shooting Sports program. For more information on the county Shooting Sports program, click here.


Please contact Christine Kendle if you have any questions regarding these projects or guidelines.

#442 Family History Treasure Hunt Supplement - Provides tips and web sites to help you in your family history search.


Food and Nutrition

All Ohio 4-H food and nutrition projects use MyPlate, which incorporates current USDA recommendations about eating and exercise. Depending on a project book's publication date, it may refer instead to the older MyPyramid or Food Guide Pyramid, but 4-H members should still know the MyPlate recommendations. For information about MyPlate, go to

Recipe Completion Charts


Please contact Kiersten Heckel if you have any questions regarding projects or guidelines in large and small livestock or dairy.

Please contact Christine Kendle if you have any questions regarding Equine projects or guidelines.

Beef Projects - Updated 2/18/21
All members enrolled in beef projects are REQUIRED to attend Quality Assurance.

Dairy Projects - Updated 2/18/21
All members enrolled in dairy projects are REQUIRED to attend Quality Assurance.

Please note:  Notebooks are NOT required for Dairy Projects in 2021.  Just the purple project record books. - updated 7/6/21

Swine Projects - Updated 2/18/21
All members enrolled in swine projects are REQUIRED to attend Quality Assurance.

Sheep Projects - Updated 2/18/21
All members enrolled in sheep rojects are REQUIRED to attend Quality Assurance.

Small Livestock
Members enrolled in small livestock projects are REQUIRED to attend Quality Assurance.

Goats - Updated 2/18/21

Poultry - Updated 2/18/21
See information about Poultry Resource handbook and other poultry resources here.

The Poisonous Plants Extension Goat Handbook and Goat Vaccine Protocol handouts are available by clicking on the respective links.

2020 Small Animal Educational Opportunities/Important Dates sheet.

Rabbits - Updated 2/18/21