All items pertaining to 4-H Project Interview Judging can be found on this page.

JFB members are expected to assist with project judging. FFB members are expected to assist with project judging on July 11 and July 20.

Project Guidelines

All project guidelines are available online. Guidelines need completed for Interview Judging. Members taking more than one project in the same interest area need to complete guidelines for each project and cannot use the same items to support both projects.

For a member to achieve the progression of goals needed for development, 4-H projects must be separate and different from those carried in other organizations such as FHA/HERO, FFA, Scouts, Camp Fire, grange, church, and school (including industrial arts class, science fairs, etc.).

Click here for the Guidelines page.

Project Completion and Interview Judging

Completion of a 4-H project may be achieved in one of two methods. Members must choose one of the following for evaluation, based on the completion of project guidelines and knowledge gained. All projects must be judged no later than August. 4, 2023.

  • 4-H Project Interview Judging - All members are required to attend an Interview Judging evaluation to receive a project grade. All projects are evaluated using individual project guidelines. Club times will be assigned, and advisors will be notified of their club's times. Members are strongly encouraged to attend at their club's scheduled time.
  • Make-up Judging - Make-up Judging is arranged in advance. Any member who is unable to participate in 4-H Project Interview Judging may participate in Make-up Judging. Participants will be ineligible for county awards and state fair participation. Appointment times will be open June 1 through July 7 and will be scheduled online only. Post-Judging arrangements will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis if a member misses Interview Judging due to extenuating circumstances.

Guidelines for utilizing the online make-up livestock judging:

  • Online Skillathon is available to all youth who are unable to attend in-person interview judging.
  • You must have a legitimate reason to not attend in-person interview judging.
  • You are not eligible for OME or Top Interview Awards if you do not come to in-person Interview Judging for your project.
  • This registration MUST be completed by July 7 at noon.
  • A separate registration MUST be completed for each 4-H member in your household that will be taking the on-line version.
  • A link to your assigned Skillathon will be emailed to you on Monday, July 10.  You will have until July 24 at noon to complete the skillathon.

4-H Newsletters

Please read our bi-weekly 4-H program updates emailed directly from 4-H Online. Most answers to immediate 4-H programming can be found there. Click here to read the updates.

2023 Member Evaluation Form

The Member Evaluation Form is due to our office no later than 4:00 p.m. June 15. This allows us to have it ready for the judge's materials.

This is available from your club advisor or online here. It is to be completed by the 4-H advisor AND parent/guardian if they feel it is necessary that the judge should use special consideration concerning a 4-H member during Interview Judging.

Dress Code

Cothing and footwear need to be neat, clean, and appropriate for a professional office interview. No blue jeans or shorts. Shirts/tops and skirt length should be conservative. Wear appropriate shoes (no flip flops).

Pillars of character

The Pillars of Character can be found in the animal resource handbooks. This is not required for Miscellaneous projects.

Pillars of Character






2023 Judging Schedules

Project Interview Judging will be held July 10 - 13 and 20, 2023.

  • Monday, July 10: Equine (includes #173 Horseless Horse); Swine
  • Tuesday, July 11: FCS Related (includes #492 Cake Decorating, #497 Scrapbooking); Food and Nutrition; Miscellaneous (includes #200 All About Dogs, #201D You and Your Dog)
  • Wednesday, July 12: Small Livestock - all Goats, all Poultry, and all Rabbits - includes #228PE Pet Rabbit
  • Thursday, July 13: Large Livestock - all Beef, all Dairy, all Sheep
  • Thursday, July 20: Clothing and Style Review (Style Review begins at 7:00 p.m.). Members enrolled in clothing projects were mailed July 5 an individualized letter with their judging time. Please contact our office if you have not received your letter by July 19.

#201O Dog Obedience - July 10. Check with the Dog Key Leaders as to specific information.

.#588 The Writer in You - Writings are due to the Extension office before Noon on Friday, June 30, 2023.

Shooting Sports Projects (#700 Series) - Judging dates are determined by the key leaders and will be distributed at the Shooting Sports orientation meeting.

Project Ratings, Premium Requirements, and Payments

Members's presentation and attitude will affect project rating. All premiums are paid by the Tuscarawas County Agricultural Society based on project rating received at 4-H Interview Judging.

Gold - $8

  • Exceptional project knowledge.
  • Work exhibits extra effort with individual initiative to go above and beyond the project requirements.
  • A thorough understanding of proper methods to complete project.

Silver - $7

  • Very knowledgeable of project subject matter.
  • Completed project requirements.
  • Project presented in a neat and organized manner.

Bronze - $6

  • Adequate project knowledge.
  • Has made effort towards completing requirements and project presentation.

Participation - None

  • Shows little effort towards completing requirements and presentation.

2023 Interview Judging Results

Results will be posted as soon as they are available. Please DO NOT call the office to see when they will be posted or to find a member's placing.

Note: Livestock Judging Results will be announced during each respective species show at the fair.

Members selected for State Fair participation are denoted with a star. Selected participants who are unable to attend State Fair need to notify the Extension office as soon as possible so we may notify the alternate if necessary.

State Fair Orientation

Members selected for State Fair in FCS Related or Miscellaneous project areas are highly encouraged to attend - along with parent/guardian - the State Fair Orientation meeting on Monday, July 17, 2023, from 9:00-10:00 a.m. at Broadway Global Methodist Church in New Philadelphia. The meeting will be held in Spencer Hall (the Fellowship Hall). Information about State Fair project judging, maps, and passes will be distributed. Extension staff will be able to provide additional project guidance and answer any questions you may have about project judging at the State Fair.

If you are not able to attend the orientation meeting, State Fair packets for members will be available for pick up beginning the afternoon (no earlier than 1:00 p.m.) of Monday, July 17, 2023.

Selected participants who are unable to attend the State Fair need to notify the Extension office as soon as possible so we may notify the alternate if necessary.