All items pertaining to 4-H Project Interview Judging can be found on this page.


If a member has decided to drop a project for this year, please email Kiersten and we will get that corrected in 4HOnline.

General Outline

Due to COVID-19, there will be no face-to-face project judging this year. There will also be no premiums based off of judging scores from the Senior Fair Board due to the loss of revenue from the spring and summer.

Member Evaluation Form

A Member Evaluation Form needs to be completed by both the member's parent/guardian and 4-H advisor if they feel it is necessary that the judge should use special consideration concerning a 4-H member during Interview Judging. The form is due to the Extension office no later than June 15, 2020, so it can be included with the judge's materials. Please note that only one form per member request is needed. Space has been provided on the form for multiple projects.

Click here for the current form.

Miscellaneous Projects

Even though there is no state level project judging this year, we would still like to give our 4-H members the opportunity to judge for county placings like we normally do. To keep things fair and allow the same judge to judge everyone in the same category, we will be utilizing a platform called Flipgrid. Many schools use this system as well as other counties and we have received positive feedback. Members taking miscellaneous projects will record a video clip of themselves discussing their projects, explaining the activities they completed, showing off their displays and going through their project books that will be uploaded to Flipgrid. Videos should be a minimum of three minutes and a maximum of ten minutes. We plan to open our Flipgrid account on July 13 (which would have been the first day of “normal” project judging) and we will close Flipgrid on July 31. This will give members nearly a three week window to complete and upload their videos. Judges will reserve the right to schedule a Zoom interview with members should they wish to ask additional questions when considering their top rankings.

If members are not interested in county placings, they have the option to receive a “completion” mark from one of their advisors. This is an option for Miscellaneous projects ONLY. Once members in miscellaneous projects complete the Qualtrics survey (found here), we will be send lists to adivors of members who wish to receive advisor completion only. Advisors may talk with their members through a face-to-face conversation or a Zoom interview. Completion will need to be reported to the Extension Office by mid-August.

Livestock Project Judging (Skillathon)

In order to exhibit at the county fair in September, youth must complete their virtual Skillathon which will be housed on a platform called Qualtrics which is through Ohio State. This is the same system we utilized for Quality Assurance registration. Like Miscellaneous judging, we will open up Qualtrics on July 13 and it will close on July 31. Again, this will give members nearly a three week window to complete their judging requirement. Members can complete their judging at any time of the day or night as it will not be with a live judge. Also, we will not be collecting books at this time. For those with market animals or those who receive share checks from the small animal or dairy sales, you will still need to complete your project record book to be checked over at sale check distribution in November. Virtual Skillathon will look very similar to what the youth complete in-person at Midvale in July, just in a virtual format. We encourage youth to utilize this as an “open-book test” as you must receive a 75% or higher in order to exhibit your animal(s). If you receive less than a 75% and Qualtrics has not closed, you will have the option to complete Skillathon again so please don’t wait until the last day!

Flipgrid Instructions for Miscellaneous Judging

Due to factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 Tuscarawas County 4-H Miscellaneous Interview Judging will take place virtually on a platform called Flipgrid. Click here for the complete instructions.

2020 Miscellaneous Project Feedback Sheet

The advisor judging the member's project is to complete this form and return to the 4-H member. The Extension office will not need a copy. The form is a fillable PDF, or you can print and write on the form. Click here for the Miscellaneous Project Feedback Sheet.