All items pertaining to 4-H Project Interview Judging can be found on this page.

Member Evaluation Form

A Member Evaluation Form needs to be completed by both the member's parent/guardian and 4-H advisor if they feel it is necessary that the judge should use special consideration concerning a 4-H member during Interview Judging. The form is due to the Extension office no later than June 15, 2020, so it can be included with the judge's materials. Please note that only one form per member request is needed. Space has been provided on the form for multiple projects.

Click here for the current form.


Beginning June 1, pre-judging appointments will be accepted for members unable to attend regular Interview Judging. Call the office (beginning June 1) to schedula an appointment. Please provide the correct project name and (for livestock only) years in project.

Judging Schedules

Schedules will be posted as soon as they become available. Please contact our office if you are interested in assisting with judging.

  • Equine (including Horseless Horse) and Swine Projects
  • FCS Related, Food and Nutrition, and Miscellaneous Projects
  • Small Animal Projects (Goats, Poultry, ALL Rabbits)
  • Livestock Projects (Beef, Dairy, Sheep)
  • Clothing - Members enrolled in a clothing project will receive a personalized letter indicating their judging time. These will be sent via USPS.
Judging Results
Please do NOT contact the office to find out when results will be posted. Results are returned to the office after the judging day is completed to be typed and proofed. Results will be posted Friday of judging week. Members selected for state fair will be contacted by phone as to their selection.

Equine, Small Animals (Goats, Poultry, Rabbits), and Livestock (Swine, Beef, Sheep, Dairy) will be announced during each respective species at the Tuscarawas County Fair.

  • Horseless Horse (Project is not State Fair eligible.)
  • Food and Nutrition Projects
  • FCS Related and Miscellaneous Projects
  • Dogs
  • Shooting Sports Projects
  • Pet Rabbits
  • Clothing - Members selected for State Fair were notified after Style Review

There will be a State Fair Orientation meeting for participants selected for State Fair (as marked on the Results). It is very important to attend as maps, parking passes, gate tickets, and project specific information will be provided.

Selected participants who are unable to attend State Fair should notify the Extension office as soon as possible so we may notify the alternate if necessary. Thank you!