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JFB members are expected to assist with project judging.


2021 Judging Schedules

Project Interview Judging will be held July 12 - 15, 2021, at Port Washington Elementary. Clothing and Style Review will be held at Broadway UMC. Click the dates, below, for club times.

  • Monday, July 12: Equine (includes #173 Horseless Horse); Swine
  • Tuesday, July 13: FCS Related (includes #492 Cake Decorating, #497 Scrapbooking); Food and Nutrition; Miscellaneous (includes #200 All About Dogs, #201D You and Your Dog)
  • Wednesday, July 14: Small Livestock (all Goats, all Poultry, and all Rabbits - includes #227 Pet Rabbit)
  • Thursday, July 15: Beef, Dairy, Sheep
  • Thursday, July 15: Clothing and Style Review (Style Review begins at 7:00 p.m.). Judging and Style Review will be held at Broadway United Methodist Church (Please note this is date change from the date listed on the County 4-H Project Completion and Judging Overview.) Members will be notified of their judging times.





County 4-H Project Completion and Judging Overview 2021

Please carefully read this information; it may answer most Interview Judging or county fair questions you may have.

Date Change: Clothing Judging and Style Review is July 15.


Updates From Kiersten

Please read Kiersten's bi-weekly 4-H program updates emailed directly from 4-H Online. Most answers to immediate 4-H programming can be found there. Click here to read the updates.


2021 Interview Judging Results

Note: Livestock Judging Results will be announced during each respective species show at the fair.

Members selected for State Fair participation are denoted with a star. Selected participants who are unable to attend State Fair should notify the Extension office as soon as possible so we may notify the alternate if necessary.

Note: There is NO State Fair Orientation meeting this year. Selected participants are to pick up their packets from the Extension office during open hours as soon as possible.