Financial integrity is very important for our 4-H program both at the county and state levels. For this reason, we ask that clubs observe the following guidelines:

  1. Money within the club belongs to the club membership - not individuals - thus a vote is necessary when funds will be used for any purpose.
  2. Clubs should establish a budget at the beginning of the year. This budget should be voted upon by the club members. This helps to facilitate the purchase of necessary items by advisors and/or committee leaders between meetings. For example, the fair decorations committee may need to make purchases for the upcoming fair booth. If this is a budgeted item, the purchaser can act within that budget to make the necessary purchase. These purchases should then be noted on the Treasurer's Report.
  3. Club funds, other than fair premiums, should not be dispersed to individuals. Clubs wishing to provide members with money for food, rides, etc., during the fair should provide their members with vouchers instead. The Clover Café and our commodity groups are accommodating in setting up vouchers for interested clubs.

Click here for the complete Treasurer Book (updated April 28, 2022) (you can decide to print multiple copies of certain pages to your printer).

The Ohio 4-H Club Yearly Financial Summary was included with the Advisor Packet obtained at advisor trainings. This form is due with the Treasurer's Book by January 13, 2023. This is a state required document and must be turned in before enrollments will be accepted.

Non-completing Club Officers
While it is not common, occasionally clubs have officers fail to complete their year of service for a variety of reasons. This is particularly challenging if the treasurer does not complete their year. Regardless, your club must submit a Treasurer's Book to demonstrate fulfillment of your club charter. Contact us if you have concerns.