Secretary books are to start from the beginning of the current 4-H year until December 31.

Completed books are due to the Extension office by January 14, 2022. Club name, Secretary's name and age need to be on the front cover. All books will be returned at the January 2022 advisor trainings.

All clubs are required to use the most current Ohio 4-H Youth Development Club Constitution as their club's constitution. Advisors received this at the advisor trainings. A signed copy is due with enrollment materials by April 15, 2021. Club By-Laws are highly encouraged, but not required. If your club decides to have By-Laws, a signed copy is also due by April 15, 2021. The originals of each of these forms, along with signatures, need to be placed in the Secretary's Book.

Click here for the complete Secretary Book (you can decide to print multiple copies of certain pages to your printer).

Non-completing Club Officers
While it is not common, occasionally clubs have officers fail to complete their year of service for a variety of reasons. This is particularly challenging if the secretary does not complete their year. Regardless, your club must submit a Secretary’s Book to demonstrate fulfillment of your club charter. Contact us if you have concerns.