Volunteers and parents help make 4-H possible. Without 4-H volunteers and parents the program would not have the mentors and leaders that 4-H'ers need in order to learn the new skills that 4-H has to offer youth. With each volunteer comes knowledge, experiences, and skills which can be taught to 4-H youth and shared with the 4-H program "to make the best better." Volunteers and parents are a major reason for 4-H's success in youth development. Since 1902, parents and volunteers have helped the 4-H program develop successful leaders, build young minds, and set the path for 4-H'ers to become contributing citizens.

New Volunteer Application

The volunteer application has been updated and can be accessed here: http://go.osu.edu/tusc4hnewvolunteer. Once the application has been electronically submitted, the individual will receive a confirmation email with further instructions and New 4-H Volunteer Orientation date options. The entire new volunteer process must be completed by March 31, 2022. This deadline is final.

Steps to download zoom on a mobile device

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Additional Resources for Members and Volunteers