Click here for Small Animal General Information.

This page will also provide county-specific information for the following projects:

Companion Animals Goats Poultry Rabbits

215 Cavy

135BD Breeding-Dairy Goat

150CE Chicken Exhibition

225 Breeding Rabbit

216 Purr-fect Pals, Level 1

135BM Breeding-Meat Goat

150CM Chicken Market

226 Market Rabbit

217 Climbing Up, Level 2

135F Fiber Goat

150CEP Cheicken, Egg Production

227 Pet Rabbit

218 Leaping Forward, Level 3

135H Harness Goat

150DE Duck Exhibition


200, 201, 202 Dog Projects

135M Market-Dairy, Meat, or Cross

150DM Duck Market


220 Pocket Pets

135P Pack Goat

150GE Goose, Exhibition



135PY Pygmy Goat

150TE Turkey, Exhibition




150TM Turkey, Market


General Information

Small Animal Important Dates 2020

Members enrolled in any of the small animal projects listed above may participate in the many educational opportunities listed. Unless specified, member may bring animals to clinics. Click here to see the flyer.

Note: Members enrolled in #135P Pack (Utility) Goat MUST attend at least one (1) pack goat clinic. There are 3 options: June 25, July 25, and August 27.

Livestock Registrations Due

Livestock project registrations are due by 4 PM June 15 to the Extension office for small livestock - Pygmy Goats, Dairy and Pack (Utility) Goats, Fancy Poultry/Water Fowl, and Breeding Rabbit. See for the Livestock Registration Form area of our Animal Sciences page.

Junior Fair Entries Due

Members enrolled in any small livestock project (excludes companion animals) are required to turn in a Junior Fair Entry Form. Junior Fair Entries are due August 7 by 4 PM to the Extension office. The Extension office collects these on behalf of the Senior Fair Board; late entries are NOT accepted.

For additional dates, refer to the Livestock Requirement Summary.

See the Tuscarawas County Fair Booklet for entry form.

2020 Fair Check-in Dates Announced

Fair check-in will be September 19 and 20 for all small livestock projects (does not include companion animals). Please refer to the Tuscarawas County Fair Booklet for specifics.

Companion Animals

Members enrolled in any companion animal project will want to participate in several opportunities offered this year. See the Small Animal Important Dates 2020 flyer for details.


Scrapie Tag Requirements - All Goats

USDA Goat Requirements Fact Sheet - explaining the national scrapie eradication program - for the following goat projects: 135BD, 135BM, 135H, 135P, and 135PY. Scrapie tags must be in the animal before they arrive at the fairgrounds (including the June tag-in). Contact Kiersten with any questions.

Market Goat Tag-In

Market Goat tag-in will be held June 6 from 9-11 AM in the Sheep/Goat Barn on the fairgrounds. No pre-registration is necessary.

Attendance at Clinic Required for #135P Project

Members enrolled in the #135P Pack (Utility) Goat project are required to attend at least one (1) pack goat clinic this year. There are three options for 2020: June 25, July 25, and August 27. Details for each date can be found on the Small Animal Important Dates 2020 sheet.


Pullorum Testing

No Pullorum Testing

The Ohio Poultry Association and Ohio Department of Agriculture announced that pullorum testing is not required for 2020 due to low quantities of antigen to test poultry.



Poultry Resource Handbook

The 150R Poultry Resource Handbook will not be available for 2020. However, members are to use the resource information received with their project book from previous years. Members taking a poultry project for the first time should receive resource information; this can be indicated on the 4-H Project Book and Resources Order Form. Below is additional information that members can use to help them in their poultry project.

Easily accessible articles about poultry are directly available on the Poultry Resources webpage. These articles were available through the eXtension website (listed on the Poultry Resources for Ohio handout) but have been collected and converted into easy-to-read and nicely formatted PDFs.

Also available is a collection or articles called Basic Information About Chickens (143 pages). Volunteers and members are welcome to download this document themselves. Copy charges apply if printed at the Extension office.

The American Standard of Perfection 2015 from the American Poultry Association is the ultimate resource for anyone raising chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and guinea fowl. Current edition and price are available online from APA at

The Bantam Standard 2011 from the American Bantam Association supports bantam breeders and their special interests. Current edition and price are available online from ABA at

National 4-H Poultry Judging - You may want this optional resource for evaluating poultry. It is a good reference to study before participating in a judging contest. Current edition and price are available online from University of Nebraska-Lincoln at

Tentative Dates Announced for Market Poultry Pick-up

Tentative dates have been announced as to when members can pick-up their market turkey, broiler, and market duck animals. Tentative pick-up times have also been set from 5-7 PM. Pick-up will take place at the Junior Fair Board Office on the fairgrounds. Payments will be due at pick-up. Costs are to be determined.

  • Market Turkey - May 28
  • Broiler and Market Duck - August 6

Again, these dates are tentative. Please check back for details once dates are confirmed.


Market Rabbit Check-in Date

Members enrolled in the Market Rabbit project are to bring their rabbits to check-in on June 6 from 9-11 AM in the Livestock Arena on the fairgrounds. If members are unable to attend at this time, the back-up check-in date is June 11 from 6-7 PM (also at the fairgrounds) by appointment only. Call our office to register for the back-up date.

On-going Learning Stations will be available. Members in all rabbit projects - Pet, Breeding, and Market - are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Market Rabbit Tattooing Date Announced

Market Rabbit Tattooing will take place August 29 from 9-11 AM in the Show Arena on the fairgrounds. For members who are not able to attend that date, a back-up date of August 31 from 6-7 PM has been scheduled by appointment only; contact the office to schedule.