The Ohio Department of Agriculture mandates that youth exhibiting livestock at a county fair must attend a QA session.

As required by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, all youth exhibiting livestock at a county fair must attend a QA session. At the discretion of OSU Extension, or Ohio agricultural education, an exhibitor may pass a test based on the appropriate skill level for their age (12-14 or 15-18) under the supervision of OSU Extension or Ohio agricultural education before exhibiting terminal or partial terminal market livestock, including market poultry, lactating dairy cattle, and lactating goats in a junior livestock show. Youth who pass the test will be exempt from annual QA re-certification until they move to the next age bracket or they are no longer a junior exhibitor (19 years of age or older on January 1 of their last year).

No test-out option is scheduled for 2021. If any member is interested in this option, please contact Kiersten.

If you plan to exhibit one of these projects at county or state fair, you need to complete QA:

  • Beef (market, breeding, feeder calf, dairy market steer)

  • Dairy (cows, heifers)

  • Goats (pygmy, dairy, utility [pack], market, breeding market)

  • Llamas/Alpacas

  • Poultry (ducks, geese, turkey, pullets, fancy, broilers)

  • Rabbits (breeding, market)

  • Sheep (breeding, market)

  • Swine (breeding, market)


State Event Quality Assurance

Youth may attend QA at the following events. No other out-of-county events are acceptable.

  • YQCA (online only - see more information, below)

Upon completion, member must:

  1. Turn in proof of attendance to the county Extension office.
  2. Obtain Jr. Fair Supplement and QA materials from the Extension office. (More details about this will be announced at a later date.)

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA)

Some national shows are going to be requiring that youth exhibitors complete Youth for the Quality Care for Animals (YQCA) training in order to exhibit. OSU Extension 4-H Youth Development program, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) has endorsed the following option for youth who are officially enrolled in a 4-H and/or FFA livestock/food animal project.

Youth who intend to show their project animal(s) at exhibition (e.g., county or state fair) have the option to complete an online YQCA session. The Tuscarawas County Senior Fair Board has deemed this acceptable for Tuscarawas County’s QA requirement. For the training to meet the Ohio Youth Food Animal QA requirement for the project year:

•Youth MUST be 12 years or older as of January 1 of the current year (4-H age).
DISCLAIMER: All Tuscarawas County 4-H members may take YQCA to complete their annual QA requirement. Please note that this will NOT be the only option. You may wait to complete QA once we are permitted to hold face-to-face programming again. This is simply another option you may choose from. Also note, this course has a fee. This is not OSU’s program, therefore, this fee cannot be waived. It is, however, the only online QA that is approved through the Ohio Department of Agriculture. County fairs are not guaranteed, though we hope they will continue as planned so it is you and your family’s decision to complete this course understanding the circumstances.
  1. All other online courses do not meet the Ohio Youth Food Animal QA certification requirements (i.e., BQA, PQA, BEST, etc.).
  2. Youth can go to the following website to take the age-appropriate online module:
  3. The cost is $12.
  4. Youth will need their 4HOnline login and password or they can create their own login and password. Youth MUST register using 4HOnline for their results to automatically show up in 4HOnline.
  5. There is no test-out option for YQCA.

Should a Tuscarawas County youth choose to pay the fee of $12 and take the YQCA course, keep these items in mind:

  1. There are no study guides.
  2. We have been told it takes a minimum of 90 minutes to complete.
  3. If the member does not pass the test at the end, the member will have to wait a minimum of one hour before taking the test again.
  4. If a member completes YQCA for their county QA requirement, they must obtain the Jr. Fair Supplement and county QA materials from the Extension office. (More details about this will be announced.)
QA Sessions for 2021

It's time for 2021 Tuscarawas County Livestock Quality Assurance. NEW for this year, county QA sessions will be specie specific.

Members who will be showing multiple species at the 2021 Tuscarawas County Fair only need to attend ONE QA session (this is not new). Please do not attend a session for a specie you do not plan on exhibiting. Members will need to register through Qualtrics (links below) for specie-specific session IN ADVANCE. The Zoom meeting link will be sent to you through your confirmation email so don't lose it or delete it!

There will be two options in the spring (April 29 and May 6) which will be utilized as “catch-all” sessions for anyone who missed their specie session. These two sessions will be available for all species but we encourage you to attend your specie specific session if possible.

Remember, you only need to complete one QA per year. The only projects that do not need to complete QA are dogs and pet rabbit. Horses have their own version with Safety & Ethics.