Contact Chris Kendle for more information or any questions concerning the 4-H Equine program in Tuscarawas County.

190R Equine Record Book

This resource was rebranded in May 2017. The Feed Expense Report on page 16 has been updated to include a column for weight (in pounds) under the categories of Grain, Hay/Pasture, and Supplements/Additives. Change was for clarity; either record sheet is acceptable.

2019 4-H Horse Packet

One packet was provided to each horse club. Click here for the Horse Packet. For specific horse program dates, click here for the 4-H Calendar.

2019 Safety and Ethics Training

All members planning to exhibit at the Tuscarawas County Fair (and at least one parent/guardian if it is the member's first year) must attend and stay through the enire Horse Safety and Ethics Training. These will be held on April 18 and 29, both beginning at 7 p.m. at the New Life Church of God in Dover. There will be separate tracks for first year members who are required to receive helmet/ethics training and returning horse program members. Members should not ride at workouts until they have completed the training.

The safety and ethics book, #191R Horses, Safety, and You, is available for $6. It must be ordered through club advisors on the 4-H Publication Order Form. While members are not required to purchase the book, they must have access to the book. All Horse Program participants who will be riding in 2019 must have a Safety and Ethics form on file at the Extension office by May 24, 2019.

Helmet Form and Permission to Participate

All members must purchase and wear an ASTM/SEI helmet at all 4-H Horse activities, including club workouts and 4-H shows.

Every member must sign a Permission to Participate and Disclosure Form every year in order to participate in any 4-H Horse activity.

Pony Measurements 2019
  1. Members may measure their ponies at home (using procedures outlined on Page 9 of the Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows). This measurement will be reported on their Horse/Pony Registration Form that is due to the Extension pffice by 4:00 p.m. on May 24, 2019.
  2. The Horse Committee will provide an optional Pony Measurement night on Thursday, May 23 from 6:00-7:00 p.m. for those who may not have a measurement stick or tape at home.
  3. All ponies (including minis) will be measured on Monday, Septemeber 16 from 5:00-8:00 p.m.
  4. Any horse/pony measuring over the required maximum 58 inches to exhibit as a pony will automatically be entered into horse classes.

The Registration Form needs to be completed and turned into the office by May 24 for each 4-H Horse taken (Project Animal 1 and 2, Back-up Animal 1 and 2, and Production).

The Identification Form is only required for leased animals and individuals wishing to participate in out of county PAS shows.

State Fair Qualifying (PAS) Show

Tuscarawas County will not be hosting their own PAS Tryout in 2019.

Members may tryout in any other county and must pay an out-of-county fee (usually $10 per class). An out of county show form must be signed by and Extension Educator prior to the member participating in an out-of-county show. Click here for a listing of out-of-county shows.

PAS patterns, qualification standards, and Ohio PAS show locations are available at: We strongly encourage all members to access this site to ensure you are obtaining the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Members registering for the State Fair Dressage Show should refer to rules and entry information found at: The deadline for entry with at least two qualifying rides for the same test is July 1, 2019.

Members registering for the State Fair Junior Horse Show should refer to rules and entry information found at: The deadline for entry with PAS qualifying scores in at least two classes is July 3, 2019, at 1:00 PM.

Members wishing to participate in the Ohio State Fair Horse Skill-a-thon should refer to rules and entry information found at:

2019 Horse Workout Schedule

2019 4-H Horse Committee

All horse advisors are welcome to attend Horse Committee meetings.

2019 Meeting dates:

February 5 7:00 PM New Life Church of God, Dover
April 18 6:00 PM New Life Church of God, Dover
June 4 7:00 PM Junior Fair Board Office
August 6 7:00 PM Extension Office
September 3 7:00 PM Horse Arena, Fairgrounds
November 5 7:00 PM Broadway United Methodist Church

Those serving on the committee are as follows:

Mike Dotts President 2019 Term Boots N Bling
Nicole Fowler Vice President 2019 Term Quest
Shelby Randulic Secretary 2020 Term Country Wild Childs
Becky Amistadi Treasurer 2020 Term Horse Key Leader
Tiffany Finley 4-H Committee Rep 2020 Term Hold Your Horses
Marci Galbraith Member-at-Large 2020 Term Horse Key Leader
Rebekah Hahn Member-at-Large 2019 Term Mix-N-Match
Recycle Your Horse Trophies

Too many horse tropies? Donate your horse trophies back to the Tuscarawas County Horse Program. See the flyer for more details.