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Unwrap Your Gifts Promo GraphicAre you interested in improving your wellness by exploring: gratitude, traditional foods with a twist, sustainability, self-care, and more - all wrapped up with new gift ideas? Join Ohio State University Extension for the "Unwrap Your Gifts" 6-week email wellness challenge to learn more about these and other wellness topics.

The email challenge connects participants with tips, research, and resources to help blend the traditions of healthy holidays while also taking care of yourselft. Go to https://go.osu.edu/tusclhlw and answer a few brief questions to get registered by October 31. During the week of October 24 all registered pariticipants will receive a pre-challenge message. Participants will then receive one email per week from October 31 to December 19. Participants will have access to optional resources available including the Ohio State University Extension Live Healthy Live Well Blog, a free wellness webinar series, and a fun Bingo card. Pre- and post-challenge online surveys will be used to track participant progress and comments.

Join our award-winning group as we offer another chance to connect with adults who are interested in wellness via email. "Unwrap Your Gifts" will challenge you to explore a variety of "Gifts" to be a better you. This program is offered free and is sponsored by Ohio State University Extension.

For additional information, contact Kate Shumaker, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, at shumaker.68@osu.edu or 330-674-3015.