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Durbin Farms LLC Receives Friend of Extension Award

Durbin Farms LLC, New Philadelphia, received a 2021 Friend of Extension Award from Ohio State University Extension and the Extension professional society Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP). This is the highest recognition presented by ESP to a non-Extension (lay) person, business, or organization and is designed to recognize truly outstanding support and personal involvement in Extension efforts. The announcement was made at the recent OSU Extension Annual Conference.

Durbin Farms LLC is a multi-generational farm outside of New Philadelphia. The father (Matt) and son (Luke) team raises approximately 2,500 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay. In addition to the cropping operation, Luke maintains a commercial herd of beef cattle. Durbin Farms LLC is a recognized leader in technology adoption, attention to detail, and management.

Durbin Farms LLC has always been a strong Extension supporter and recognizes the value OSU Extension brings to their farm and farmers across Ohio. Whether it’s hosting a field day, seeking input to solve problems, or planning for their future, they have always recognized the importance of life-long learning and developing a partnership to foster learning from which they and all of agriculture can benefit.

The farm has been involved in various on-farm research projects, including providing soil for nutrient testing, submitting grain for analysis, planting a hemp research plot, and participating in the Ohio State University eFields program.

Durbin Farms LLC participated in on-farm research that was used to revise the Tri-State Fertility Recommendations for Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, and Alfalfa. This bulletin was originally published in 1995. In addition to small-plot data, the revised bulletin incorporated analyses of soil and grain from Ohio farms to further refine fertilizer recommendations. The Tri-State Fertility Recommendations for Corn, Soybean, Wheat, and Alfalfa bulletin is used by farmers, consultants, and advisors to make accurate fertility recommendations on farms in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.

In 2017, Durbin Farms LLC was asked to participate in the Ohio State University eFields On-Farm Research Program. eFields is a program dedicated to advancing precision agriculture by utilizing field-scale research. Matt and Luke graciously agreed to be a partner farm and have been with the program each year since.

eFields on-farm research conducted by Durbin Farms LLC has focused on corn and soybean seeding rates. They also participated in a multi-state study to evaluate soybean seeding rate, fungicide, and insecticide use. Matt and Luke have made management changes based on the results of research they have conducted. Reducing soybean seeding rates is one of several actions they have taken because of their eFields participation. As a result, they have been able to reduce their input cost without sacrificing yield and revenue.

The Tuscarawas County Extension office appreciates the cooperation and support Durbin Farms LLC provides to the local program.